a child with a disability learns from a teacherIn order to become successful adults, students with disabilities need the same educational opportunities as their peers without disabilities.  Children with disabilities need to be included with their peers in the same classrooms, and have equal access to the same curriculum and extra-curricula activities.  Schools need to provide the supports and services required by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and other federal and state civil rights laws in order to make equal educational opportunity a reality.

We help children with disabilities:

  • Obtain the services they need to transition to adult life from high school
  • Become eligible for IDEA special education services if they have an emotional/behavioral health disability
  • Access assistive technology devices and training to use those devices
  • Obtain appropriate special education services when they experience abuse or neglect in school or face truancy charges for disability-related behavior.

We help adults with disabilities:

  • Overcome physical, communication, or electronic access barriers at post-secondary schools
  • Obtain reasonable accommodations or policy modifications from post-secondary schools
  • Obtain reasonable accommodations or policy modifications from testing services.

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Promoting Systems Change

We support changes that will:

  • Limit the need for segregated settings for children with disabilities
  • Ensure equal access to the curriculum for students with disabilities.
  • Eliminate the use of state-wide assessments as a graduation requirement