Voting Rights

a man with a disability at a voting boothAdults with disabilities have the same right to vote as adults without disabilities. Under current state law, voters in Rhode Island need a photo ID to vote at the polling place.

We work to promote full participation for individuals with disabilities in the electoral process, including registering to vote and casting a ballot.  We also operate a Voting Rights Hotline on Election Days while the polls are open.

We help individuals with disabilities who:

  • Have questions about their voting rights
  • Need help registering to vote
  • Face barriers to getting a photo ID
  • Need information about registering to vote and voting when they are in a facility
  • Have trouble accessing their polling place
  • Have trouble accessing the accessible voting equipment
  • Are denied the right to vote due to their disability
  • Are denied the right to vote privately
  • Are denied the right to vote independently
  • Wish to ask for help to make a state complaint about a violation of their voting rights

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